At Cal Verde Naturals, we’re laser-focused on our mission to provide you with exceptional cannabis products through a hands-on, first-class retail experience. We are happy to serve the communities in which we operate.

We believe that cannabis can enhance any lifestyle. Are you a Type-A that needs a little help to find your “off” switch? A creative type seeking heightened inspiration? Or someone who just likes to kick back and relax with some good herb? Cal Verde has all the products and strains to meet your needs.



Emma and Kelly were first introduced when Emma attended the Belmont town meetings in the early stages of Cal Verde planning. As founder and CEO of Cal Verde, Kelly was immediately impressed with Emma’s knowledge of the cannabis industry and her commitment to the Town of Belmont.

After meeting in person, they found themselves to be a perfect match to make the Cal Verde vision come to life. Their combined knowledge of retail and cannabis, along with their commitment to customer service, is at the heart of what makes Cal Verde a first-class recreational dispensary. Emma and Kelly are thrilled to bring Cal Verde to Belmont and beyond.


Founder/CEO Cal Verde Naturals

A native of Southern California, Kelly has spent most of her professional life creating, managing and delivering unique client experiences. A graduate of University of New Hampshire with a degree in Hospitality and Business Management, she has managed several high end retail stores and restaurants. After moving back to New England in 2008 to be with family, she became interested in alternative medicine and wellness as a means to alleviate both the physical and mental pressures of work, life, and family.

Kelly’s interest in Cal Verde is the next chapter of a long road where she hopes to bring more awareness and acceptance of alternative medicine, self care, and healthy living. As the founder and CEO of Cal Verde she looks forward to bringing a new brand of wellness to Belmont, MA and beyond.


COO Cal Verde Naturals

After growing up in rural northern New York, Emma moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music and fell in love with the area. Her retail operations experience comes from 25+ years in the music/pop culture retail industry, where she delivered a best-in-class retail environment to passionate customers. From 2013-2019 she co-owned and operated Damnation Alley Distillery in Belmont, MA where she learned the art of craft whiskey-making and how to operate responsibly in a highly regulated industry.

An avid cannabis consumer herself, Emma is passionate about education, taboo-busting, and de-stigmatizing the use of marijuana as a responsible adult, parent, and professional. She and her family live in Belmont, and she’s thrilled to introduce Cal Verde to her friends and neighbors.


At Cal Verde, we believe in nurturing those around us not only through providing high quality cannabis, but through meaningful community engagement. We strive to be excellent neighbors and to do our part to give back and to help our neighborhoods thrive.