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6 Cannabis Flower Strains for First Timers

by: Emma Thurston

If you are new to cannabis, or your most recent interaction with it was ages ago, you might be wondering where to start! There are so many amazing strains and hybrids available now that finding the right place to dive into the world of cannabis flower can be overwhelming. We find that the best way to find the right product is to think about what effect you’re looking for – are you looking for deep full-body relaxation? Focus? Energy? A spark of creativity? A subtle buzz after a long day? There’s a strain for that!

Many new users find it helpful to look for varieties with a lower THC content (under 20%) with some CBD to “balance out” the effects of the THC for low tolerance users or users that are beginning to explore what cannabis has to offer. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid with properties that can act as a buffer to THC. Some people even refer to CBD as “training wheels” for cannabis consumption. And if you’re an experienced consumer? These varieties of flower can be very appealing for functional, daytime sessions.

Here are some of our favorite mild or CBD dominant strains:

Harlequin – this one has a high CBD:THC ratio, giving the user a gentle euphoric feeling without overwhelming the senses. Harlequin is a sativa variety which means it generally provides a clear-headed high without sedation. The myrcene terpene in this strain gives it a sweet, earthy aroma and taste.

Sour Tsunami – with only trace amounts of THC, Sour Tsunami is a popular choice for users that don’t want to feel stoned but want the benefits that can come from cannabis use. We find this strain to have calming effects without sticking your butt to the couch. The taste and aroma are most reminiscent of its parent strains Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel – musky and diesel-y but with a sweet undertone that’s particularly noticeable if you’re using a flower vape.

Pennywise – rounding out our CBD dominant suggestions is Pennywise, an indica hybrid that features a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. This means that its psychoactive effects are gentler than THC dominant strains, but still balanced enough to give the user some of the relaxing “stoner” effects of cannabis. A hint of citrus and pepper flavor in this one!

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a bar-setter for sativa dominant hybrid strain. While it isn’t CBD dominant, it offers a clear, functional high without any laziness or sleepiness. Perfect for a wake & bake session, many users report that Blue Dream delivers an energy boost similar to a green tea and helps them focus. As if that weren’t enough, Blue Dream is incredibly full-bodied and has a lovely sweet, fruity flavor profile with citrus and musky undertones. One of our favorites!

Airplane Glue #3 – This indica hybrid features all the high notes of its lineage strains, which include Kush and diesel varieties. Airplane Glue has thick diesel aromatics with earthy undertones. This strain gives you a clean, functional, and focused high, perfect for daytime use and with a more energizing effect than you’d expect from an indica.

Jack Herer – Jack is an award-winning sativa-dominant strain boasting a fresh and delightfully citrusy flavor profile. Its smooth, uplifting high makes it perfect for daytime use and when used in moderation is a perfect option for novice users. Very potent at higher doses, so start light with this one – effects are quick so you can learn how to ease in and find the dosage that works for you. No crash and burn with this one, you’ll float down nice and gently.

One of the main things to remember when introducing yourself to cannabis is to ease in – start slow and find the right balance for you! Make sure your environment is comfortable and that you have some time free of obligations for the best beginner experience. We recommend starting with a CBD dominant strain to get used to the effects, and then branching out into one of the more accessible THC varieties listed above. One of the benefits of legal dispensaries is that the cannabis is lab tested, so you can know exactly how much THC (or CBD) a product has. With the vast range of effects with each strain, if one doesn’t work for you, don’t give up! You can take note of what cannabinoid profile that product has and try something different next time. The staff at Cal Verde Naturals are passionate about all things cannabis and welcome the opportunity to walk you through your options and make experience-based recommendations.